Diva Fitness Model

Male Fitness Model  / Muscle Model and Female Diva Fitness Model

All model contestants, male and female, will be required to perform a runway presentation in the competition rounds listed below. Models will also be required to perform quarter turns for the judges. There is short and tall  height categories for females 5’2 and under is short class. Anything over 5’2 is tall class.

There are no  weight limitations for Male or Female Model categories. Competitors must be at least 18 years of age to compete with the WBFF. We do provide music for the Model categories of the event.

NOTE: To clarify the Fitness Model categories, Male and Female Categories are being named differently, Male Fitness Model - Female Fitness Diva Model. All judging criteria’s are the same, nothing has changed but the name of the category.

There is no music required for the male and female models to prepare to hand in for this competition category!

Starting in 2014, we will NOT be allowing clear heels on stage and switching them out in favor of non-clear stiletto heels to coincide with the WBFF’s fitness and fashion brand. No thongs or g- strings are allowed. Scrunch bottoms are permitted but must be  properly fitted to individual.

  Female Diva Fitness Model Criteria:

Bikini round / Themewear round

Contestants for the Fitness Diva Model category are being judged on their sense of style, poise, overall beauty and stage presence as well as display a fit and toned physique. Fitness Diva Models will be expected to walk on stage in particular pattern which will be explained at the athletes meeting the evening prior to the competition (t walk style walk). Competitors must be able to present themselves in a classy feminine and tasteful way that is marketable. There will be 2 categories to this competition which include:

Round #1: Themewear round, prejudging show (example: Victoria
Secret style themewear must compliment the competitors
physique. )

Round #2:  Swimsuit bikini round (two piece any style)

Diva Fitness Model Classes

Short class: up to 1,62 m (5’2″)
Tall class: over 1,62 m (5’2″)

40%- Overall Marketability
20%- Stage Presence, Poise, Confidence

Diva Fitness
Diva Fitness
Diva Fitness
Diva Fitness
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